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Honor Code by Mind Map: Honor Code

1. Students should be engaged in a different type of way

1.1. Evidence: " That requires leaders who insist on cultural diversity in school "

1.2. "Social Engineering is not that easy"

1.3. People can't be shaped into the way we want them to be, tactics should change and we should encourage diversity.

2. The decline in male performance is due to genetics

2.1. "Some colleges are lowering the admissions requirement so a decent amount of men are admitted in.

2.2. " The information age rewards people who mature early, who are verbally and socially sophisticated, control their impulses.

2.3. It's mostly boys who don't fit into those categories and they chose to rebel, they stop caring.

3. More feminine ways of learning are being taught.

3.1. " Girls may on average do better at these things.

3.2. "By 12 h grade, male reading test scores are far below female test scores

3.3. It can be said that girls are prioritized over boys and boys are made feel less and that leads to them being misfits.

4. The education system has become culturally cohesive....

4.1. "Boys are much more likely to have discipline problems"

4.2. "Not just programs that work like friend ship circles but like boot camp"

4.3. Much more feminine stuff is being taught which excludes guys, there should be equality.