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Brooks Article by Mind Map: Brooks Article

1. Schools have become culturally homogeneous.

1.1. The article states that boys do not fit in and it has been that way for quite sometime.

1.2. Schools are made up of mostly that teachers that value cooperation and tend to sugar coat real life

1.3. There needs to be more teachers that value competition.

2. Males are at a disadvantage in school

2.1. It is scientifically proven that men develop later in comparison to girls.

2.2. Colleges have lowered standards to allow men to attend

2.3. The male role has been highly formed by society causing discipline problems among young males.

3. Schools need to be more engaging for better scores

3.1. Boys and girls alike have different views and morals, if they are rejected due to their views then that is when performance plummets.

4. There are kids like Henry V

4.1. ADHD and ADD are present in young kids

4.2. A lot of children also may suffer problems at home

4.3. Issues that are present in a child's life could cause a disinterest in school especially if the culture is made out to convince students that there is only one type of ideal student.