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Brook's Article by Mind Map: Brook's Article

1. Boys are more likely to have discipline problems

1.1. Boys usually are rambunctious when younger

1.2. Teachers would punish them instead of helping

1.3. The kid would loose interest in school just because they do not help him how he needs it

2. Some decline in male performances are genetic

2.1. They have lower grades

2.2. Girls have better grades than boys

2.3. Those who mature early and have impulse control are better at school

2.4. It is not just in the US where boys are falling behind its in all 35 member-nations of the OECD

3. Schools have to engage people as they are.

3.1. Teachers needs to teach student other things than the basic ones they are teaching already

3.2. Teachers can not make a student like everyone else in the sense that the student is a 4.0 in a day

3.3. Being harsh on student will actually benefit them

4. Schools are being Hippocrates

4.1. Schools should be a safe place for the kid not somewhere where they feel uncomfortable.

4.2. They praise diversity but have become culturally homogeneuos.

4.3. They say drugs are bad but want to give kids meds to "control" them.