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Honor Code by Mind Map: Honor Code

1. Schools don't seem to care much about their students

1.1. Even thought schools know boy's need more help they don't help them.

1.2. When the boy's are bad instead of correcting them and helping them better themselves they just send a note home.

1.3. Also even if they know a boy may have a disorder they still discipline him for things he can not control

2. Boy's are doing bad academically

2.1. Boy's account for most of the D's and F's in school

2.2. Colleges lower the requirements for boy's because they don't have enough boys going to their school

2.3. They seem to stop carrying and just let their grades plummet

3. Schools need leaders

3.1. In order to help the students that need help they need teachers who can lead

3.2. Leaders with strong morals and insist on being diverse

3.3. Schools need to be able to have leaders engage the students how they are not give them medicine and hope that works they need to take the action

4. Boy's tend to have discipline problems

4.1. They stop carrying about their work

4.2. They start to rebel

4.3. Not carrying about others