Brooks Article

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Brooks Article by Mind Map: Brooks Article

1. Boys are on meds and more should be on it

1.1. More parents should consider putting their boys on ADHD medication so they can focus more.

1.2. If more boys were on meds would it really help them out or make them more impatient?

2. Boys are more likely to have discipline problems

2.1. Boys nearly accounted for three quarters of D's and F's

2.2. In high school there are many males having worse grades than ever is it because of distractions?

3. Some colleges are lowering their admission requirement just so they can have a decent amount of men

3.1. Men make up 40% of college students

3.2. Less men in college more women succeeding.

4. It may be genetic

4.1. Can't control their impulses

4.2. Maybe it is an at home problem