Honor Code

Education - ERWC Mind Map example for Brooks' Article

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Honor Code by Mind Map: Honor Code

1. We need to make students feel right at school.

1.1. "He’d decide that the official school culture is for wimps and softies and he’d just disengage. In kindergarten, he’d wonder why he just couldn’t be good. By junior high, he’d lose interest in trying and his grades would plummet."

1.2. Because teachers and other adults in school didn't recognize Henry's characteristic & interest, he felt he does not belong in school and begin to rebel.

2. Boys are having lower grades & grades than girls

2.1. "An article as far back as 2004 in the magazine Educational Leadership found that boys accounted for nearly three-quarters of the D's and F's. College are lowering the admissions requirements just so they can admit a number of men."

2.2. Colleges are lowering their requirements for admission because they want more male students, but they don't meet the requirements.

3. Schools have to engage people as they are.

3.1. "Not just teachers who celebrate cooperation, but other teachers celebrate competition; not just teachers who honor environmental virtues, but teachers who honor military virtues; not just curriculums that teach how to share, but curriculums that teach how to win and how to lose; not just programs that work like friendship circles, but programs that work like boot camp."

3.2. Teachers and educational leaders should insist on more cultural diversity in school.