Reconstruction of the South

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Reconstruction of the South by Mind Map: Reconstruction of the South

1. Reconstruction lasted from 1865 to 1877

2. Reconstruction was to help the South be a part of the Union again

3. African Americans were active agents in the Reconstruction of the South

4. Andrew Johnson plan was rejected

5. Republican Congress enacted laws and Constitutional amendments

6. federal government enforced the principle of equal rights, and gave black Southerners the right to vote

7. Reconstruction was widely viewed as an era of corruption and misgovernment

8. After the war Ulysses S. Grant main focus was Reconstruction

9. Ulysses S. Grant worked to reconcile the North and South while also attempting to protect the civil rights of newly freed black slaves

10. Ulysses S. Grant served as president for two years

11. Reconstruction after the Civil War took place during Grant's first term of office

12. Grant defeated Democrat Horatio Seymour in the 1868 presidential election

13. Ten- Percent Plan was quickly rejected

14. Johnson plan was believed to be a fail because of Southern sates