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Brooks Article by Mind Map: Brooks Article

1. Boys have discipline issues

1.1. Boys are most likely to have discipline issues.

1.2. People who don't fit in respond by disengaging and rebelling.

1.3. Many of the people that don't fit in are boys.

2. Boys don't have the advantage on education like they use to

2.1. Two million fewer men graduated from college over the past decade than women.

2.2. Men make up only 40% of college students.

2.3. Women have a higher rate to graduate school then men.

3. Boys need help to get back on track.

3.1. Educational Leadership found that boys accounted for nearly three quarters of the D's and F's

3.2. Boys used to have the advantage in math and science, but that gap is nearly gone.

3.3. 11th grade boys are now writing at the same level as 8th grade girls.

4. Boys decline in performance may be genetic.

4.1. Some boys don't mature early and cant control there impulses.

4.2. Boys are falling behind in 35 member nations of the organization for economic cooperation and development.

4.3. Schools have to engage boys as they are.