Brooks Article

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Brooks Article by Mind Map: Brooks Article

1. Some schools portray how students should be and the ones that dont fit in start to rebel

1.1. "but many of the people who don't fit in are boys."

1.2. "the evidence that boys are falling behind has mounted."

1.3. "students who don't fit the ethos get left out."

2. Men have shown poor educational grades and women are far ahead

2.1. "by 12th grade, male reading test scores are far below female test scores."

2.2. "two million fewer men graduated from college over the past decade than women."

2.3. "boys are falling behind not just in the US but in all 35 member nations of the organization for economic cooperation and development."

3. Boys are the ones that are most likely to have discipline problems.

3.1. "an article as far back as 2004 in the magazine educational leadership found that boys accounted for nearly three- quarters of the Ds and Fs."

3.2. "henry's parents should think about medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder"

4. The decline of the male performance could be genetic

4.1. "Boys used to have and advantage in math and science, but the gap is nearly gone."