Brook's Article

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Brook's Article by Mind Map: Brook's Article

1. Males are failing behind in their education

1.1. "By 12th grade, male reading test scores are far below female test scores."

1.2. "...the magazine Educational Leadership found that boys accounted for nearly three-quarters of the D’s and F’s."

1.3. "Two million fewer men graduated from college over the past decade than women. The performance gap in graduate school is even higher."

1.4. "Some colleges are lowering the admissions requirements just so they can admit a decent number of men."

2. Schools should accept every personality and not focus on only one single type.

2.1. "The education system has become culturally cohesive, rewarding and encouraging a certain sort of person: one who is nurturing, collaborative, disciplined, neat, studious, industrious and ambitious. People who don’t fit this cultural ideal respond by disengaging and rebelling."

2.2. "The education world has become a distinct subculture, with a distinct ethos and attracting a distinct sort of employee. Students who don’t fit the ethos get left out."

2.3. "Far from all, but many of the people who don’t fit in are boys."