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Hardware by Mind Map: Hardware

1. Communication Devices

1.1. Skype

2. System unit

2.1. Contains system electronic components and selected secondary storage devices

2.1.1. mother board Controls Communication for the entire computer system.

2.1.2. main memory Holding area for data , instructions , and information. Ram Rom Flash Cards

2.1.3. Connections Bus line connect parts of the CPU to each other and various other components on the system board. ports Socks for connecting external devices to the system unit. Cables used to connect external devices to the system unit via the ports. Power supply Computers require direct current (DC) power converting alternating current (AC) from wall outlets or batteries.

3. Input Devices

3.1. any data or instructions used by a computer.

3.1.1. Keyboard Entry Traditional Keyboards Laptop Keyboards Virtual Keyboards Thumb Keyboards

3.1.2. Pointing Devices provide an intuitive interface by accepting pointing gestures and converting them into machine-readable input. Mouse Touch Screen Game Controller

3.1.3. Scanning devices Scanners convert Scanned data into a form the system unit can process. Flatbed Scanners sheet Fed Scanners Portable Scanners 3D Scanners

3.1.4. Card Readers interpret encoded information that is stored on debit, credit and identification Cards Magnetic card reader

3.1.5. Bar Code& RFID readers

3.1.6. Image capturing Devices create or Capture Original images Digital Camera web Cams

3.1.7. Audio-input Devices Voice Recognition Systems

4. Output Devices

4.1. Processed Data or information

4.1.1. Monitors known as screens or display screens and present visual images of text and graphics LCD LED OLED

4.1.2. printers translates information that has been processed by the system unit. Ink-jet printers Laser printers 3D Printers

4.1.3. audio-output devices translates audio information from the computer into sounds that people can understand. Bluetooth Technology

5. Secondary Storage

5.1. Hard Disks

5.1.1. Store and organize files using tracks , sectors , and cylinders

5.2. Solid-State Storage

5.2.1. Have no moving parts

5.3. Optical Disc

5.4. Cloud storage

5.4.1. the internet act as a cloud of servers

5.5. Mass storage devices

5.5.1. meet the need of organizations