1215 Stopgap Project

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1215 Stopgap Project by Mind Map: 1215 Stopgap Project

1. In scope?

1.1. Checkout?

1.2. My Account?

1.3. Stone detail page?

1.4. Cart page

2. Key additions

2.1. Ring builder

2.2. Stone list w/ filtering

2.2.1. Filter shows total results set in near real-time

3. Questions

3.1. How many metal types?

3.2. Settings

3.2.1. Constraints Carat sizes Stone shapes

3.3. Swarming scope vs internal scope

3.4. Expected revenue from improvements?

3.4.1. Add-ons?

3.5. Selling out issue

3.6. Sales

3.6.1. Filterable?

3.6.2. Display of lower price?

3.6.3. Bundle discount? Follow-ups

3.7. Alert on stock we don't have?

3.8. Cross-link between different metal types in the system.

3.9. Are filters preserved?

3.10. How to remove option for step 1

3.11. Wishlist

3.11.1. Save for later

3.12. Does each shape and metal color require its own URL?

3.13. Firebase

3.14. Reviews

3.15. Consider standardizing product bundle -- with "no setting" option and "no diamond" option as defaults.

4. Use cases

4.1. Diamond shopper

4.2. Diamond ring shopper

4.3. Diamond ring browser - ultimately shares with purchaser

4.4. Mens ring shopper

4.5. Womens / mens rings shoppers

4.6. Issues

4.6.1. Unable to find stone of right quality Put in sourcing request for specific stone quality

4.6.2. Unable to find setting of right design Consider Forever Artisans

4.6.3. Wants to choose multiple ring and diamond options -- and compare.

4.6.4. Makes selection of ring or setting and abandons the sequence -- and then wants to either start over or edit progress made thus far.