Death Penalty in the United States

Practice: Creating a Mind Map

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Death Penalty in the United States by Mind Map: Death Penalty in the United States

1. The high cost of Capital Punishment

1.1. In the span of eleven years, it would cost the state of Illinois an average 13.3 million dollars per person for only fifteen executions.

1.2. New Mexico abolished the death penalty in 2009 saving an estimated cost of 2.4 million a year

2. The suffering for both sides of the accused and victims

2.1. Families of the victims suffer tremendous loss and, "normal anger associated with the grief is compounded by the rage and desire to destroy the murderer of the loved one.

2.2. Frequently, survivors suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, with recurring nightmares, flashbacks, feelings of alienation, hyper vigilance and an exaggerated startle response.

3. Failure on the criminal justice system and wrong convictions

3.1. Since 1973, 146 people have been exonerated from death rows across the U.S and several others have had their charges dropped.

3.2. Exonerees can show the at wrongful convictions are not isolated mistakes, but are instead indicative of the systematic failings, thus adding to call for abolition.