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1. Improve enforcement

1.1. Regulations after enter the campus area such as the use of visitor passes

2. STEP 2 : What might be done to solve the problem?

2.1. Upgrading of security system at university

2.2. Enforcement the visitor passes

2.3. Allocate a single point of entry and exit for visitor

2.4. Install CCTV cameras in every quiet and dangerous place

2.5. The UK always patrols and monitors every route

3. STEP 1 : Problem

3.1. Student safety is not guranted

3.2. The stranger could enter the college. It is exposed to risk and physical vulnerability and vandalism as many people pass in and pass out to the area campus whithout any control by the authorities.

3.3. Theft occurs when the student leaves the room or accommodation area.

3.4. A lot of students bring their own car

3.5. Men are allowed to enter the women'sbloc and who make s 'sapu' car service can enter the women bloc area.

4. STEP 5 : How will we put our decision into effect?

4.1. Write a letter to Unit Keselamatan (UK).

4.1.1. Set more restrictive terms and regulations for visitors.

4.1.2. Monitor all visitors entering campus.

4.2. Write a letter to Univesiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

4.2.1. Create an official passagefor entry and exit.

4.2.2. Monitor all university parking lots to ensure all the vehicles in the lots have vehicle sticker.

5. STEP 3 : Specific criteria

5.1. Upgrading the entrance system to campus

5.1.1. Allocate a single point of entry and exit for visitors.

6. STEP 4 : Relative merits of our possible solutions?

6.1. Improve regulations

6.1.1. Enforcement the visitor passes Advantage Can identify who enters the campus area. Reducing unidentified people from entering the campus area. Student'ssafety is guaranted especially during the night. Disadvantage Visitor such as family member's find difficult to stop and take visitors's passes.

6.1.2. Upgrading the entrance system to campus Advantage Disadvantage Outbound and inbound activities will be more secure There is a congestion if there is a big occasion