Insurance is a service,not a product.

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Insurance is a service,not a product. by Mind Map: Insurance is a service,not a product.

1. consumer insights

1.1. trust

1.1.1. glitches in delivery

1.1.2. billing errors

1.1.3. problems with communication

1.1.4. customers having to repeat details

1.2. Comparison and Purchasing Criteria

1.2.1. insurance quality not transparent

1.2.2. price(fixed variable)easier to compare

1.2.3. can't simply trust customers, work smartly on price&quality

1.2.4. difference between the premium and budget products

1.2.5. key challenge: develop a service proposition that eliminated price as the key deciding factor

1.3. Expectations

1.3.1. a very good system for taking care of people when something happens

1.4. Employment and Public Benefits

1.4.1. insurance covered by employer or union

1.4.2. challenge: achieve this in a transparent and trustworthy way

1.5. Social and Cultural Interactions

1.5.1. invisible social touchpoints(police,family,friends)

1.5.2. challenge:work together with invisible touch-points

1.6. choice

1.6.1. don't want lots of options

1.6.2. want experience of make choice

1.7. Documents

1.7.1. reduced the size of insurance policy documents by 50% to 60%

2. company insights

2.1. Filling In the Gaps in Public Benefits

2.1.1. customer satisfaction on an individual basis

2.2. Being Personal

2.2.1. fix faux personal

2.2.2. encourage employees happy working

2.3. Consistent Communication Channels

2.3.1. open all their channels

2.4. Language

2.4.1. make insurance language clear

2.5. Formalizing Personal Routines

2.5.1. create new routines add to the CRM system

2.6. Simplifying IT Infrastructure

3. putting insights into practice

3.1. cover the individual and his or her family

3.2. cover everything they own

4. experience prototyping the service

4.1. built a prototype of the product in Excel

4.2. look like a website could be tested with customers

4.3. test face to face service

4.4. test the process over the phone

4.5. change the conversation from buying a product to a service

4.6. touch points : financial newspaper and a tabloid newspaper

4.7. one-page contract: so many interviewees would prefer. But they don't trust it.

4.8. claim confirmation manages customer expectations by illustrating how the process unfolds over time.

4.9. An email document serves as the focal point for discussion and making a decision.

5. the end is just the beginning

5.1. gaining real insights from all stakeholders—customers, staff,and management

5.2. Translating these insights into a clear service proposition, and experience prototyping the key touchpoints

5.3. Thinking through radical ideas and prototyping the experience

5.4. “we shall know the customer the best and care the most.”

5.5. required top-level leadership