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1. Step 1 : Present state, obstacles, goals

1.1. Has no respect towards other people

1.2. Selfish

1.3. No sensitivity and concern

1.4. Student norms

2. Step 2 : What might be done to solve the problem?

2.1. Organize awareness seminar, campaign and poster of common courtesy

2.1.1. #etiquttevibes campaign

2.2. Conduct class of etiquette as a university's core subject

2.3. Manners start from home

2.4. Hold an "Etiquette Day" in university for every month

2.4.1. always say thankyou

2.5. Enforcement of golden rule

2.5.1. respect pay with respect

2.6. Encourage student to hold a happy circle between them

2.7. Student need to change their norms

2.8. Stand up to rudeness

2.8.1. do not tolerate with student that lack of common courtesy

2.9. Reflect yourself

2.9.1. speak with logic not emotion

3. Step 3 : Specific criteria

3.1. efficiency

3.2. cost

3.3. durability

3.4. time consuming

4. Step 4 : Relative merits of our possible solutions

4.1. class etiqutte

4.1.1. advantage as an instrument to spread knowledge on common courtesy directly to student since it is compulsory

4.1.2. disadvantage it is time consuming for the students because they need to take extra subject/credit hours

4.2. seminar, campaign and poster

4.2.1. advantage student can change their norms which not engage with common courtesy

4.2.2. disadvantage do not attract student's attention and it is costly

4.3. manners start from home

4.3.1. advantage holds as a principle of life

4.3.2. disadvantage different family approach

4.4. "etiqutte day"

4.4.1. advantage one way of reminding student to apply common courtesy every week

4.4.2. disadvantage there are students that ignorant towards this idea of organizing an etiqutte day

5. Step 5 : How to put our decision into effect

5.1. manners start from home

5.1.1. easier to teach young kids rather than adult

5.1.2. every religion encourage good deeds

5.1.3. parents act as the role model

5.2. "etiqutte day"

5.2.1. introduce 3P slogan pikiaq, peka, paham

5.2.2. encourage and bring awareness to student the importance of common courtesy in our life encourage student to be polite