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1. Types of company: Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Non-Profit Organization , Franchise , Corporation, Multinational Corporation , Capital Liability, Joint-stock companies, State-owned companies, Shareholding companies, A limited liability company, One member limited liability companies, Co-operative, Joint venture company

2. Division : Department Commercial center Marketing , Manufacturing Finance Accounting Forecasting Production department Administration department Account department Engineering department Logistics , Central security Loan officers

3. People: CEO, Guarantee, Creditor, Shareholder, Agent, Accounts clerk, Assistant manager, Freight forwarder, Chairman, Secretary, Receptionist, Bank tellers

4. Monetary factors: Interest rate, Discount rate, Revenue, Profit Currency, Pension, Income, Taxation Liability, Loan, Lien, Collateral Cash flow statement, Monetization

5. Problems: Sales drop, new challenger, dumping, economic blockade, embezzlement, undercapitalization, embargo, hide customs barrier, mortage, deeitful, shortage of workforce

6. Work process : Vacancy Recruitment Interview Prospect promotion Dismiss Retirement Degrade, demote Go on strike

7. Collocations: Government regulations,Measure progress, Take out a loan, Advertising campaign, Monetary policy, Make an appointment, Annual turnover, Chair a meeting, Sales figures, Go into partnership, Take on staff, Market forces, Dead on time, Close a deal

8. Solutions: Financial troubleshoot, Drum up business, Improve technology, Training human resource, Change business methods, Learn opponents, Reputable loan, No tex evasion, Scaling up