Gilead Sciences

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Gilead Sciences by Mind Map: Gilead Sciences

1. Political Influence

1.1. Fund campaigns ($$$$)

1.1.1. Influence votes on pharma-related legislature

2. IPO in 1992 = $86m

3. Established in 1987 by Michael Riordion, MD

4. Pharma Company

4.1. Monopolgy

4.1.1. Buying up smaller industries & labs

4.1.2. Increased prices = increased profits

4.2. Anti-viral medications in the 1990s

4.2.1. Truvada 2004-2011=$13.5b revenue HIV preventative treatment

5. "80% of patients in the US by 2008 received one of Gilead's HIV medicines"

6. Once chaired by Donald Rumsfeld

6.1. Opened up smaller biotechs in late-90s

6.1.1. Lockheed Martin = Cheney

6.1.2. Connection with politics

7. Disaster Capitalism - N. Klein

7.1. Holding patents for life-saving drugs during catastrophes

7.1.1. Govts will need to depend on these drugs

7.2. Private companies paid by govt to help with clean-up efforts

7.3. Private companies profit from disaster

7.4. no benefits go to the people who suffered the most