Non Regulated Project Team Structure

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Non Regulated Project Team Structure by Mind Map: Non Regulated Project Team Structure

1. Estimation

1.1. The team is established for regulated buisness.

1.2. No understanding or process to gauge market price movements when the works in high/low

1.3. The team has been significantly reduced in recent re-structures and lost most of its capability.

2. Customers - expectations not being met

3. Ministers getting involved

4. Team Capabilities/ development

5. High Levels of Conflict/ Culture

6. Buisness Development

6.1. No Contract Management Experience

6.2. Limited Understanding on how buisness actually works

6.3. No understanding in the limitations of contruction and Estimation

6.4. Committing Porjects that the buisness has no resoucres to deliver

7. Contracts

8. Construction Advisors

9. Project Managment

10. Maintainence Service Providers

11. Unions- ETU and Professions

11.1. Outsoucring core work

11.2. Disruptions by safety audits

12. Rate of Returns

13. Connection and Access Agreements

13.1. by design are service contracts and not cover contruction risk

14. Design Delivery Strategies- DSP/Internal

15. Procurement - Fit for Purpose

15.1. The regulated suppliers/spec are too onerous.

15.2. The costs/time/quality conundrum

15.3. RIsks with new suppliers

16. Regulated Buisness and Current Processes

17. Commissioning Management

17.1. Customers engage the required CM when its too late in the project

18. Outages and Network Access

19. Network Planning

20. Conflicting Key Performance Indicators between divisions