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1. listening to audio mindfulness meditations

2. STEP 1 : Suicide Increases

2.1. Look will be affected

2.2. The mental problem is increasing

2.3. Fatigue and fatigue

2.4. Loss of appetite

3. STEP 2

3.1. Improve understanding of depression

3.2. Express their feelings to a trusted person

3.3. Spreading awareness and addressing stigma

4. STEP 3

4.1. Awareness campaign about depression

4.2. Refer to counselor

4.3. Practise mindfulness exercise

4.4. Develop the ability to be conscious and connected in the present moment

4.5. Join a yoga class

5. STEP 4

5.1. Practise mindfulness exercise

5.1.1. Need to do regually

5.1.2. Advantanges: Can reduce depression

5.1.3. Disadvantages: Not very effective because it need to talk with someone

5.2. Awareness campaign about depression

5.2.1. Make an event once a month

5.2.2. Advantanges: Can reduce depression

5.2.3. Disadvantanges: Use a lots of money

6. STEP 5

6.1. Write a letter to TNC

6.2. Write a letter to counselling center