Writing process approach

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Writing process approach by Mind Map: Writing process approach

1. Topic

1.1. before writing a paragraph, there should be decided what is going to be in it

2. Prewriting

2.1. to make a plan

2.1.1. a plan should be consisted of ... topic sentence, that states the main idea of a paragraph supporting sentences which are provided with some details or examples concluding sentence, n other words - summary of a paragraph

3. Editing

3.1. to edit a paragraph in order to find some grammar or lexical mistakes

4. Revising

4.1. to be sure that a paragraph has an appropriate register, style and so on

4.1.1. reorganise the paragraph itself

5. Draft

5.1. to write a draft according to the plan that has been made

6. Review

6.1. If there is someone who could review a paragraph and add some comments to it

7. Rereading

7.1. reread a whole paragraph so to be 100% sure that it is coherent, well-structured

8. Publishing

8.1. After revising and editing a paragraph, it can be submitted