Defining Innovative Uses of Technology

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Defining Innovative Uses of Technology by Mind Map: Defining Innovative Uses of Technology

1. Efficiency

1.1. Innovative technology makes traditional processes more efficient

1.1.1. Faster grading means faster feedback for students

1.1.2. Innovative technology helps students multitask

2. Effectivness

2.1. Innovative technology makes traditional teaching practices more effective

2.1.1. Students apply information in new ways with tech that help them learn

2.1.2. More access to real-world situations than traditional teaching

3. Limitations

3.1. Innovative technology can be limited by a lack of resources, support, and/or training

3.1.1. Untrained teachers will find it difficult to come up with innovative uses of technology

3.1.2. Innovative technology requires new resources, often including funding

4. Creativity

4.1. Innovative technology encourages creativity, expression, and higher level thinking processes

4.1.1. Innovative tech allows students to create things in a vast variety of medias

4.1.2. Using new tech requires different thinking processes than traditional instruction

5. Collaborative

5.1. Innovative technology encourages collaboration and cross-curricular learning in new ways

5.1.1. Innovative technology streamlines the process of groupwork for efficient collaboration

5.1.2. Teachers can make use of technology to enhance co-curricular instruction