Media and Information for Social Change

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Media and Information for Social Change by Mind Map: Media and Information for Social Change

1. Sources

1.1. Random or Unique Factor

1.1.1. climate

1.1.2. presence of specific group

1.2. Systematic Factor

1.2.1. stable and flexible government

1.2.2. enough resources

2. Types

2.1. Evolutionary Process

2.2. Revolutionary Process

3. Definiton

3.1. Social change involves alteration of the social order of a society. It may include changes in social institutions, social behaviours or social relations.

4. Challenges

4.1. Digital Divide

4.2. Language Barriers

4.3. Trafficking of women, pornography and censorship

5. Opportunities

5.1. Developed social communication and learning

5.1.1. social education

5.1.2. voice out their concerns

5.2. Reinforce soliditary campagns

5.3. Job distribution equalities

5.4. Promote gender equality

5.5. Record, store and transmit wisdom and history

5.5.1. speech

5.5.2. drama

5.5.3. song

5.5.4. painting

5.5.5. dance