Incipiens Ad Finem: Characters

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Incipiens Ad Finem: Characters by Mind Map: Incipiens Ad Finem: Characters

1. Thanatos is king of the demons and father to Shado. Shado's powers come from his dad who has had significantly more time to hone his abilities. Thanatos is a horrofic people who see's people merely as objects that will help him obtain power.

1.1. Thanatos twisted the ways of the underworld and made it so they all did exactly as he wished. Shado was furious about this and tried to make a change but he found he did not fit in in the underworld and so he traveled to Earth.

2. Shado's powers are he can manipulate shadows and can make dark hellfire that can take any form he wills and . His darkness can control anything it consumes. Shado can also travel to anywhere as long as he knows where he is going.

2.1. As a young boy he felt like he didn't have a place on earth. He didn't feel like he had purpose, but he did feel as though he could do nothing good for anyone especially himself. Then one day Draakon the shape shifting dragon found him and changed his life forever. Draakon taught Shado everything he knows.

2.1.1. It is unknown when he was born. Shado is the son of two demons- The King and Queen of the underworld- Thanatos and Amelia. Shado decides to move out of this hell and travels to the human world where he meets Draakon who has seen his arrival in his visions and knows it is his calling to teach him how to defeat his father and set the underworld straight.

3. Draakon is the oldest dragon in unknown history. His scales are gold and silver and His fire breath was said to be the hottest thing in the universe in legends.

3.1. All Draakon ever new was loneliness until his master Ledus wondered into his cave. Ledus trained him to control his abilities and even showed him how to shape-shift into human form and how to see the future before it happens.

3.1.1. Draakon was born in 5,000 B.C. and it is unknown whether or not he even has parents. His master Ledus is the first being he ever thought of as a mother figure. After she passed away Draakon made a vow to help people in the same way his master helped him. Eventually Draakon trains both Shado and Aurelia to master their abilities and heal the world.

4. Aurelia is an angel from the planet Zenith. She can control and create light her mom and dad always said she could do anything she could dream of. They also warned her of how powerful they know she will one day become.

4.1. Aurelia fell in love with Shado without knowing it. The moment he was murdered by his father she cried out and created an explosion of light that wiped out all life in existence.

4.1.1. Aurelia has light blonde hair and golden amber eyes. Her wings are very beautiful and exquisite and look as though they are made of pure light.

5. Zenith is the planet home to all the angels. It is filled with pure light. The people of Zenith have been at war with The Demons of The Underworld since time began.

5.1. Zenith is also the name of Aurelia's father. He truly believes that she will be the one to save the universe and unite The Demon and Angel races and truly create peace.

5.1.1. Zenith and his wife send Aurelia to earth hoping that she will be able to find a means of ending the war. Aurelia meets Shado and Draakon there and eventually falls in love with Shado.

6. Ledus was an empath and could feel others emotions. She found Draakon and gave him a name and trained him. She was both telepathic and telekinetic.

6.1. Ledus taught Draakon how to appear human to other people so he would be able to influence them for good. Ledus always had a feeling that Draakon would help save the universe.