Shadow Knights: 2729

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Shadow Knights: 2729 by Mind Map: Shadow Knights: 2729

1. Establish the professors reasons why he started the insti

1.1. He was always infatuated with the idea of helping people who couldn't help themselves.

2. Pyro's powers are he can manipulate fire and even turn himself into fire.

2.1. As a young child he liked to burn things up with a lighter. Once his mutation kicked in he could manipulate the fire and even become it, when he became fire he could feel no pain.

2.1.1. From New Orleans

3. Shado's powers are he can manipulate shadows and shoot blasts of darkness form his palms.

3.1. Shadow as a young boy always felt like an outsider but wanted to save the world. Once his mutations kicked in it caused him to have dual personalities.

3.1.1. From New York City born in 2712

4. Draakon had the power to turn into a dragon and had the ability to fly with her wings and manipulate wind.

4.1. Draakon's mother was from a planet other than earth and was a dragon. His father was a good man who hid his secret for almost all of Draakons life until he couldn't and Draakon turned into a dragon then he called the Professor his old friend for help.

4.1.1. Draakon has long black hair and green eyes. He always wears flannel shirts and skinny jeans. His mom is from the planet Zaratros.

5. Beleth had the ability to make metal weapons by manipulating the molecules around him. He also likes to ride horses.

5.1. Beleth's father was a blacksmith and always wanted his son become a blacksmith when he became an adult. One day Beleth started to be able to create weapons out of thin air.

6. Lyn had the power to control the weather. Her favorite ability was to manipulate lightning and wield it like a spear.

6.1. One day when Lyn was walking home from school a great cloud of darkness shot a lightning bolt at her. She was in a coma for weeks but after she woke up she gained the ability to control all types of weather much like she dreamed of as a little kid.

7. Aurelia was half angel. Her wing span was twice her height she could bend light and not only control it but create it.

7.1. Aurelia and Shado were in love but when Shado betrayed the rest of the Shadow Knights he broke her heart and she disappeared.

7.1.1. Aurelia has white hair and amber eyes. She also wears white all the time. She was named after the song Aurelia by AFI.

8. Zenith Is from the year 2899 and travels back in time to warn the Shadow Knights about the betrayal of Shado and how in the future he and his master Thanatos cause the apocalypse.

8.1. Zenith is the great great great grandson of the professor and has the ability to manipulate space time.

8.1.1. He is tall with white hair and brown eyes. He has a bow and arrow passed down from generation to generation on his mom's side of the family and it has unlimited arrows.

9. Ledus has the power to freeze everything he touches and can create whatever he wants out of Ice.

9.1. In Ledas' first years at the academy she fell in love with pyro. Her Ice and pyro's fire would cancel each other out so when hey would touch it would be like they were almost human again.

10. Thanatos is king of the demons and he sends them to attack the shadow knights.

10.1. Thanatos gifts a special team of his demons powers that cancel out The Professors team of Shadow Knights.