Polygon Rendering

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Polygon Rendering by Mind Map: Polygon Rendering

1. Flat Shading

1.1. Flat surface rendering or constant shading is the simplest rendering format. This method produces a rendering that does not smooth over the faces which make up the surface.

2. Gouraud Shading

2.1. Produces smoothly shaded polygon mesh

2.2. 1.Determine the average unit normal at each polygon vertex.

2.3. 2.Apply an illumination model to each vertex to calculate the vertex intensity.

2.4. 3.Linearly interpolate the vertex intensities over the surface polygon.

3. Phong Shading

3.1. A more accurate method for rendering a polygon surface is to interpolate normal vectors and then apply the illumination model to each surface point.

3.2. 1.Determine the average unit normal at each polygon vertex.

3.3. 2.Linearly interpolate the vertex normals over the surface polygon.

3.4. 3.Apply the illumination model along each scan line to calculate pixel intensities for each surface point.

4. Polygon Rendering is giving proper intensity at each point in a graphical object to make it look like real world object.

5. Group Members :

5.1. 18DCO11 - Matte Mehvish

5.2. 18DCO21 - Shirgaonkar Iffat

5.3. 18DCO13 - Patni Aamir