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TVL HE-D by Mind Map: TVL HE-D

1. Cookery

2. Physical Science

3. Bible

4. Business

5. Research

6. Em-Tech

7. Physical Education

8. Immersion

9. Learning how to cook

10. Baking

11. Learning how to properly use measuring equipments

12. Learning how to know your blood type

13. Learning about the universe

14. Watching parasites in a microscope

15. Making a blog/article

16. Learning how to use gmail and google drive

17. Using computers

18. Experience working

19. Making an exhibit

20. OJT on hotels

21. Memorizing verses

22. Learning more about the bible

23. Knowing the disciples

24. Making a business plan

25. Becoming an entrepreneur

26. Setting up a bazaar

27. Making a group thesis

28. Understanding your thesis

29. Improving your writing of words and grammar

30. Learning about Recreational Activities

31. Sports

32. Types of Eating