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Dynamic NAV - academic by Mind Map: Dynamic NAV - academic

1. Reports for Kindergarten (Changes maybe made in future)

1.1. Pre-Nursery

1.2. K1

1.2.1. International

1.2.2. Integrated

1.3. K2

1.3.1. International

1.3.2. Integrated

1.4. Softcopy of K1, K2 & Pre-nursery will be emailed to dev for reference

1.5. There will be a progress report that states where the students are advancing.

1.5.1. Used by teachers at end of SM1. Teachers go through with parents during PTM (parent-teacher meeting)

1.5.2. Reports are different for each Semester. More items are included in SM2.

1.5.3. Implemented with checkboxes instead of numerical grading. Separated in headings with different sections that the teachers want. Can be implemented as dropdown boxes.

1.6. Needs more discussion for FPT. Discuss with Stephen & Polly. Will check if Kindy data need to be in the system.

2. Additional DB requirements from Ciputra regarding Social Dev to be included in Student Report Card.

2.1. Teachers enter the scores into student DB. Scores can be brought to Report Cards from the Student DB.

2.1.1. Absentee info can also be integrated

2.2. SA1 & SA2 scores adjustments required. 40/60% and overall. To cater for students who join in only in SM2. System needs to be able to indicate this for student.

2.2.1. Have a tick box to not include SA1 results if student is not in SM1.

3. Can we show teachers unavailable due to working across multiple campuses?

3.1. No only trackable in one campus

4. Academic

4.1. Mark entry

4.1.1. Marks to be inserted manually by teachers? Yes

4.1.2. Any way to integrate tests/mock tests taken via LMS to mark-entry? No

4.1.3. What reports will we be able to generate from inputted results? (e.g. class, group, year level, whole school, tabled, graphed, etc) all exept graph Why not graphs? Or can we export to Excel and generate the graphs ourselves?

4.1.4. Can different marking criterias be created for different assessment pieces? No only fixed customised term test input

4.1.5. Grading can be numerical or alphabetical (scholistic or non-scholistic). Option available as different schools uses types of grading. This will affect the generation of reports Can generate report cards Use existing report card format. Might be minor changes between schools. Need to have a generic template. Schools will determine what changes are necessary. Differences for Singapore and non-SG Quite a bit of change for high-school

4.1.6. Grading or banding for students Can track and put students into specific bands. Tool to be used internally within the schools. Does Ciputra want it? Report cards are different (International/Integrated) Needs more discussion for a universal template in report cards. Cau Giay has some difference. Can we get the results directly from the DB to get into the report. Including absentees, etc ... Pulling from DB.Academics

4.2. Scheme of work

4.2.1. Be notified when teachers have not submitted SOW No. SOW should be fixed at each year, only completion can be monitored Monitored as in manually monitored? The supervisor must login the system to manually track for completion? Isn't there any trigger that can raise a status when someone's SOW has not been completed by a certain time? SOW can follow chapters or key-concepts rather then by time. Separate by terms. For better monitoring. Teachers have to login and "chart" their progress after each chapter/key-concept has been covered. Needs flexibility in case of changes due to unforeseen circumstances Each school can have different SOW Which unit in exams should be in-synch in case anything happens to disrupt the SOW. Teaching resources uploaded can be used by students and teachers from the SOW.

4.2.2. Allowance for weekly/monthly submissions daily updates on scheme or work analysis

4.2.3. Any standard template used in creating SOW? (Does different school use a different document style for their SOW?) Yes standard template to follow

4.2.4. Can we specify units of work for each subject and expected completion date and have teachers check off when done? (report would allow admin quick overview of where teachers are with completing the curriculum) Not possible to show 'when' it is completed but will show overall progrogress

4.3. Promotion

4.3.1. Promotion Criteria Inputs required from which group of people? Form Teachers Subject Teachers promotion committee will decide

4.4. Time Tabling

4.4.1. What are the type of time table constraints? (eg. Teachers must have at least 3 free periods each day?) yes

4.4.2. Flexibility in getting relief teachers to take over classes? yes

4.4.3. Tracking teacher's teaching hours? (Including CCA hours) Yes but not possible for extra clubs

4.4.4. How do we allow for varying lengths of lessons? (e.g. Kindergarten 30 mins Primary School 45 mins) yes

4.4.5. Can we timetable in Yard Duty? no

4.4.6. Can different classes be given different break and lunch times?

4.4.7. Can we create timetables for ad hoc situations (e.g. Health Checks) and for activities outside of classtime (e.g. Afterschool Activities, Friday Lunchtime Class Sport Competitions) no

4.4.8. Can we show support staff assisting a class? (e.g. EFL, ICT Instructor, etc) yes

4.4.9. Can we show areas in use? (e.g. oval, MPH, ICT Room, etc) no

4.4.10. Is the Timetabling software integrated with the enrollment data Tracked based by class

4.5. Attendance

4.5.1. i want all teacher to be able to input attendance from thier accounts yes

4.5.2. Default to Student present unless teacher marks absent. yes

4.6. Examination

5. Student Database Requirements

5.1. Can we log first-aid, behaviour, referral issues on a student's file? (and generate letters, reports)

5.2. How will this integrate with Admissions Process?

5.3. When a student moves between campuses does their file transfer across to the new campus automatically?

5.4. Can we create generic letters that are mail merged within the database (e.g. absenteeism, late to school, excursions, concerts, etc)

5.5. Can we generate reports based on some or all of the information in this area? (e.g. students in a class, year level, live in same area/street, parent data, etc)

5.6. Information needs to be stored

5.6.1. Programs (International/ Integrated)

5.6.2. Level (Prep/ 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5)

5.6.3. Test result Math Vietnamese English (Reading) English (Writing) English (Listening) English (Speaking)

5.6.4. Pass/ Fail? (Will be decided manually by Principal)

5.6.5. Require to join EFL class or not? (Will be decided manually by Principal)

5.7. Report

5.7.1. Filter by English mark (average of both skills) Program Level Pass/ Fail? Require to join EFL class or not?

5.7.2. Report format is in A5.

5.7.3. Report card applies to Grade 1 to Grade 5. Grade 1 however does not have grades for SM1. They are graded based on classroom work (projects, tests, teacher's input).

5.7.4. Can we choose marks & score from assessments to be inlcuded or not included in the report card? Teacher has to calculate the score manually into the SA1 field. The teacher chooses which assessments and calculates or the teachers can choose.

5.7.5. Able to generate reports from results based across school, class, etc?

5.7.6. System should detect which scores should be used when SA1 is not available.

5.7.7. What happens when student do SA1 but does not complete SA2? Footnote needs to be included in student report that student did not sit for those exams. This footnote can be included in the remarks comment. NA - Student did no participate in the exam.

5.7.8. Ad-hoc reports will go to Request with Queries. Dev/FPT says ad-hoc reports are not possible. Issue will be raised with FPT.

5.7.9. Print out all academic results for a student to trend data that's helpful to the teacher. eg. Display report card for 2007, 2008, 2009, etc.

5.8. Teachers database?

5.8.1. Possible to track teacher performance outstanding teachers Outstanding performance awards Guided students to win international awards Warning letters from school leaders Formal discipline records

5.8.2. Professional development Courses attended IGCSE training English courses IT courses Total hours of training attended this year

5.8.3. Corporate Staff of kinderworld will have similar requirements

5.8.4. PD How easy to generate reports?

5.9. store school email addresses of student

5.10. Student Naming convention

5.10.1. What information is required in the Student DB? (eg. name, date of birth, address, etc) Family Name First Name Last Name

5.10.2. Preferred name by the students themselves. eg Korean students.

5.10.3. Are Student ID Numbers automatically generated? Students already have a unique 5 digit number. it is generated based on continual addition. eg. 14876,14877,14878

5.10.4. Student Number auto-created. Applicable across all campus. Used consistently. Student number remains the same even if student moves across campuses.

5.11. Discipline Reports/Issues

5.11.1. Staff

5.11.2. Students Behaviour Management Section Check box for Positive/Negative behaviour Entries for awards, contributions by student to be noted as positive behavnour record.

5.12. Parental Notifications

5.12.1. Consent Forms/Permission Forms Blanket permission from parent to participate in event/s? Yes or No. Applicable for every student. Manual entry to be made available as different students will be different consent forms made relevant. Different schools have different requirements. Can generate letters based on class only.

5.12.2. Anytime parents contact us/we contact parents, we can record details.

5.13. General fields for comments that don't fit into any specific categories.

5.13.1. General anecdotes

5.13.2. General Comments

5.13.3. Student No, Date, Comments, Made by who.

5.14. ECA/After School Activities

5.14.1. Record of students ECA records See which student has signed up for which activity? Be able to find out which teachers are involved? Records will show up on Student DB as well as Finance.

5.14.2. Who has paid and who has not paid? Cashier & Finance for each school will be able to retrieve information. Where should this report be displayed? Teachers should not need to see this. Finance Dev team will look at this. Can it be pulled up when teacher view under the Student History? Will it be visible to the teachers?

6. 22 november - this issue has be highlighted to FPT (wenjin) 21 Nov 11 ( Loan _ OM KIK@ The Manor) I found some mistake in the attachment ( Fee summary....) 1. Short term care apply for Pre-nursery only, do not apply for K1 and K2. 2.1.1. Half day with lunch and without lunch only apply for Pre-nurery. 2.2.1. Deposit will be refund upon withdrawal and when the kid will move to Preparatory class (Primary) 2.2.2. Full payment: parents pay the actual tuition fee of the fact sheet. Quarterly payment: the amount will be made up 10% extra on the actual tuition fee. 3.2. Other fee: we should add 2 more category: Events, study tour. 4. Withdrawal and refund policy: A little bit confused of the point: Perios needed of confirmation for quit: Children World; 30 days KinderWorld; 1 term. Please check with Operation Dept as i know: - Children World and KinderWorld ( Primary upwards) 1 terms in advance notice. - Prenursery and kindergarten (30 days notice) 6. Do you means the Promotion/ discount amount can be bases on ( sibling between students and partnership with parents)????

7. G/L

8. Library

8.1. How will current library tracking systems in the schools be integrated?

8.1.1. Can we still use current system?

8.2. Can we do a history report on a student, book, class or year level? (to see who is borrowing, how often they borrow, etc)

9. Alumni & Placement

9.1. Alumni

9.1.1. Who should be considered Alumni? Students who graduated from SIS? Students who have been in SIS, but tranferred out to another school mid-term?

9.1.2. How to register Alumni? Self-Register Upon Graduation Before Graduation School Auto register on behalf of students before/after graduation?

9.2. Placement

9.2.1. This module will not be discussed. It relates to 'placement' for external companies head hunting students for job employment. previous comments moved to student database requirements

10. Admission Process

10.1. Admission Workflow

10.1.1. Documents required from new students?

10.1.2. Official documents generated by school required to enroll students?

10.2. What other departments are involved in Admission Process?

10.3. When does the admission cycle begin?

11. Stores & Stationery

11.1. General Stores

11.1.1. What kind of stores need to be tracked? What is the minimum value a store must be in order to be tracked? (eg. small value items)

11.1.2. Who manages the store?

11.2. Stationery

11.2.1. Who tracks stationery usage?

11.2.2. Can budgets be assigned to classes that teachers can view? (to help them plan purchasing)

11.3. IT Inventory (Stores)

11.3.1. What needs to be inventorized? Desktops Notebooks Projectors

11.3.2. What kind of information to inventorize? Warranty Start/End dates? Servicing (Repair) history?

11.4. Sale of Uniforms

11.4.1. What to track? Quantity of various sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) Based on Student List (Class, School List) Student bought which size? Student bought how many? Student bought items on which date? Student List only require Serial no., Programme, Class, NAme of Student, Gender information to be displayed. List of items to track. Refer to attachment. Shirt Blouse

11.4.2. What report is needed? Number of students who bought this particular size. Tied to student DB. SIze XS Size S Size M Size L Size XL Amount of stock left for each sizes based on the stock list of uniform items. Sample of report as attached. Reports should be able to query for : What items are purchased on this date? Refer to topic link for what items are available for purchase. Who made purchases on this date? How much of purchases are made on a : Overall monthly stock balance figures. Refer to topic link.

11.4.3. How often are the reports to be generated? Weekly, monthly? Generated on a monthly basis to be sent to Corp office/Procurement Office.

11.4.4. Current process Process description as follows in notes. Attached are copies of the forms used. Student details required from the student list are detailed in notes.

12. Administration, Security, Fleet

12.1. Fleet

12.1.1. Bus management

12.2. Security

12.3. Administration

12.4. What is it? (Just a question to test system)

13. Others

13.1. Can the system support monitoring of leave

13.1.1. Urgent

13.1.2. annual

13.1.3. medical

13.2. Dynamics NAV login will serve as the primary login for 2 other systems, LMS (Mconline), email (Live@edu) via SSO

14. Issues raised to FPT

15. Hostel and Mess

15.1. This module will not be discussed

15.2. New node

16. Statutory Requirements

16.1. this will be integrated into the other modules. information on this will be gathered when FPT discuss the other modules