My initial PLN

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My initial PLN by Mind Map: My initial PLN

1. Online

1.1. Podcasts

1.1.1. Cult of Pedagogy

1.1.2. Education Review

1.1.3. The Garret

1.1.4. Turbit and Duck

1.2. Websites

1.2.1. Blogs

1.2.2. Teacher Channel

1.2.3. Cult of Pedagogy

1.2.4. Edutopia

1.3. Social Media

1.3.1. Twitter Colleagues Professional interests hashtag searches (eg: #inquirylearning) @cultofpedagogy, @Elizabethutch, @CommonSense, @OZTLNet, @SCISdata, @libraries_group, @dcp_lbpsb, @trev_Mackenzie, @NeedSchoolLibs, @ALIANational, @Edutopia ‏‏ University connections

1.3.2. Instagram Teacher ideas #teachersofinsta, #teachersfollowteachers

1.3.3. Pinterest Lesson ideas Visual resources

1.3.4. Facebook Professional network groups eg: EREA TL group (private) Sharing of professional knowledge and artefacts

1.4. My own blog

1.4.1. Book reviews

1.4.2. Teacher Growth and Development goals and reflections (school requirement)

1.4.3. Interesting teaching strategies

1.4.4. Lessons that went well

2. Offline

2.1. Formal

2.1.1. Staff meetings

2.1.2. School-run CPD

2.1.3. Conferences and workshops

2.1.4. Professional networks and teach-meets

2.1.5. Lantern Learning PLC (cognitive verb team initiated by Assistant Principal, working collaboratively to integrate cognitive verbs with school-specific learning framework)

2.2. Informal

2.2.1. Daily discussions with colleagues Teaching/curriculum area colleagues Library colleagues

2.2.2. Small group gatherings eg: lunch meetings