Andrew Jackson; Presidency and policies Lesson 1

Ideas about Jackson's Presidency

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Andrew Jackson; Presidency and policies Lesson 1 by Mind Map: Andrew Jackson; Presidency and policies Lesson 1

1. the 1824 election was mayhem

2. He should win first time 1824

3. He was robbed because he got more votes than any other candidate!

3.1. He was very popular with white common Americans

3.1.1. He was criticized for appointing new people in the federal Government Was mean to native Americans - jacob

3.2. He was a self made man, made it from nowhere to the Presidency of USA/Acosta

3.2.1. He invited a bunch of people to his inauguration. White House big mess :) muddy mess. :( ;) >:) . v . ._. :l :x :> . o .

3.3. Brendan: by 1828 the democratic republicans had split into two groups which were led by jackson and adams

3.3.1. By 1828 the Democratic party was formed!!! Jackson: the leader

4. Fought with Calhoun because of states rights .

4.1. Tariff debate.

4.1.1. Jackson made spoils system-jacob

4.2. Brendan:his nick name was old hickory

4.2.1. Brendan: political parties began using nominationg convetions

5. Had Congress pass Force Bill/lucia

5.1. south Carolina got angry.-Jacob

5.2. Opposed nullification of federal laws/Lucia

5.2.1. One of the best war generals during the Revolutionary War/Lucia

6. Adrew Jackson promised an equal protection and equal benefits for all white American men/ Abraham

6.1. Jackson and Calhoun faced off at the dinner, Congress passed the Maysville Road bill. Jackson veoted the bill

6.1.1. president Andrew Jackson promised "equal protection and equal benefits".-Bryan

6.2. Jackson believed in a strong Union. He asked congress to pass the Force Bill. This act allowed him to use the Military to enforce federal laws/Abraham

6.3. Jackson won the election easily. Shortly after the election, Jackson's supporters officially formed the Democratic Party

6.4. Soon after taking office in 1829, Jackson fired many federal workers and replaced them with his supporters./Abraham

6.4.1. Abraham/ Jackson's supporters abandoned the unpopular caucus system, in which top party leaders chose the party's candidates for office.

6.4.2. His nickname was old hickory/Abraham

6.4.3. Andrew Jackson was born in a log cabin.

6.5. Andrew Jackson made voting more available to more people, not just white American men who owned property and payed taxes/Antonio Vela

7. leader of democratic party-jacob

8. everybody liked Andrew Jackson because he was a patriot, self-made man, and was a war hero- Bryan

8.1. While Andrew Jackson was president there was a debate about tariffs-Bryan

9. removed native Americans from their lands -jacob

9.1. Andrew Jackson was the 7th president-Bryan

9.2. When the votes

9.3. Cherokee-Jacob

10. more people could vote-Jacob

11. Owned over 150 slaves and had them work in his plantation. Andrew

12. Adams and Clay denied any wrong doing /Amanda

12.1. president jackson had qualities that most people admired:Brendan

12.2. When the votes were a tie the supreme court had to vote /Amanda

13. very, very, mean to native Americans

14. from 1816 to 1824 the U.S. had only one major political party, Democratic Republican.

15. Expanded Voting rights. Andrew

16. Andrew fired many workers and gave his supporters jobs - Antonio Vela

16.1. Spoils system.

16.2. replaced with normal people-jacob

17. John Calhoun switched sides in the election from Adams to Jackson

17.1. got in fight