Improve flying experience for families using sound design

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Improve flying experience for families using sound design by Mind Map: Improve flying experience for families using sound design

1. Yan Sun

1.1. Inflight Super Headset with a perfect combination of VR and 4D

1.1.1. Why Unpleasant experience on the plane noisy neighbours, esp. crying baby crammed space long and boring flying hours frustrating amusement flight equipments hard to call crews during busy time feel awkward to call the flight attendant anxiety for security concern for health:

1.1.2. What We’re delivering airplane passengers a cinematic in-flight entertainment experience with the perfect combination of 4D Advanced Headphones and VR headset. The lean-back, immersive content viewing and hearing experiences that we create will revolutionise the way we travel and bring a whole new world of in-flight entertainment for passengers.

1.1.3. How VR headset Cinematic field of view Full HD resolution (1080p per eye) 2D, 3D & 360° capability Light weight design (250g) WiFi & Bluetooth ready millions of high quality resources from Netflix linked with crew service 4D Headphone use real-time audio processors to model sound in dynamic environments consider the characteristics and geometry of the surroundings incorporate Haptic feedback based on acoustical intensity reverberates deep bass sound in the ear as it would in real life

1.1.4. For Who Targeted Passengers(family) Families with toddler babies Families with young kids Old couples fancy for musical live all passengers who want to escape a long haul and maybe even curb a fear of flying. Targeted Airline Companies aimed at improving passengers’ experiences in an increasingly competitive sector, eager to update inflight entertainment devices long term investment for more profits