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EIT Research & Innovation web pages by Mind Map: EIT Research & Innovation web pages

1. Link from eit.ac.nz front page

1.1. Welcome from Chris Collins - this could be a short video

1.2. Discover EIT Research

1.2.1. EIT research goals, and overall theme: Community-centred research Links to knowledge library

1.2.2. Community health One Welfare (Prof Nat Waran profile) Dr David Tipene-Leach profile (pēpi pods) Patient-centred research (Assoc Prof Rachael Walker profile) Healthy communities (Assoc Prof Rachel Forrest profile) Endurance Sport Performance (Assoc Prof Carl Paton profile) Havelock North water supply contamination (Dr Anita Jagroop-Dearing profile) Links to other relevant research: Home First Wahakura programme History and narrative

1.2.3. Innovative education Innovative learning environments (Dr Emily Nelson profile) Māori student engagement (Dr Anne Hiha, Deb Stewart, Tuhakia Keepa) International students (Dr Pii-Tuulia Nikula) New and emerging technologies in education (Dr Kathryn McCallum)

1.2.4. Creativity Toihoukura (profiles of Professor Derek Lardelli and Professor Steve Gibbs) Ideaschool (profiles of Professor Matthew Marshall, Wellesley Binding and Nigel Roberts) Blake Collection Natusch Archive

1.2.5. Sustainable futures Integrating sustainability across EIT (Profile of Professor Nat Waran and Dr Jonathan Sibley) The log cabin project (Profile Dr Mazin Bahho) Learning in nature project HB Business Growth (MBIE-funded project: Dr Jonathan Sibley)

1.3. Research news

1.3.1. Draws research stories from central feed of news releases

1.3.2. Eventually can feature social media feeds

1.4. Events

1.4.1. Symposium 2019 roundup: photographs, video voxpops, link to list of papers List of submitted papers, alphabetically within core theme

1.5. Awards

1.5.1. EIT Research Award recipients

1.5.2. External awards and qualifications

1.6. Postgraduate opportunities

1.7. Publications

1.7.1. Knowledge library, sorted by theme Links from and to individual researcher profiles

1.7.2. Research Showcases

1.8. Supporters and sponsors

1.9. Contact the research team. Includes links to social media