Rhetoric of Nostalgia

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Rhetoric of Nostalgia by Mind Map: Rhetoric of Nostalgia

1. disruptions: counterpublics neostalgic work

1.1. Rust Belt Revival

1.1.1. Youngstown Business Incubator (1995) is an university-affiliated business incubator that invests in information technology and advanced manufacturing startups. "For years, Cossler [YBI president] has talked about one of his main underlying missions: helping fellow Youngstowners dispel their own disbelief in themselves." The most succesful YBI company has been a portfolio software company called Turning Technologies, who was recognized by Inc. Magazine as the country's fastest-growing company in 2007. "An even more tangible reminder of its success was the new Turning headquarters building erected adjacent to the incubator. It was the first new downtown building in Youngstown in at least 75 years." (https://www.usnews.com/news/cities/articles/2019-02-20/youngstown-ohios-business-incubator-looks-to-the-future)

1.2. Thirdspace Action Lab

2. nostalgia

2.1. reflective nostalgia

2.2. restorative nostalgia

2.3. critical nostalgia

3. rhetoric

4. steps rhetoricians of nostalgia should follow

4.1. find god memories: we survey what communities long for

4.2. analyze god memories (spinoff of Burke's god terms) for their force: we study how past models of communities stabilize the present and urge collective action in the future - who were we? who are we? who should we be?

4.3. uncover nostalgic crux: we catalog ways communities blame outsiders who have caused some loss - these people can be scapegoated as a self-threat, existential threat, or social threat

4.4. look for neostalgia: we examine edges of communities for pride, longing, and *hope* that resists dominant nostalgia to create new traditional identities

5. Youngstown, Ohio

5.1. texts that perpetuate pride and longing for Rust Belt city

5.1.1. Bruce Springsteen's iconic "Youngstown" (1995) perpetuates community of nostalgia by playing up steel town trope: this city created steel and iron that helped the Union win the war and build up the American economy following WWII. He references "Jenny," one of the last standing steel mills in the Greenbriar neighbordhood that was put out of comission after Youngstown Sheet and Tube closed its doors in 1977.

5.2. places that perpetuate pride and longing in Rust Belt city

5.2.1. Idora Park, an urban amusement park created in Youngstown's golden segregated years, perpetuates community of nostalgia by language of "historic preservation." This case study is interesting because it hugs close to nostalgia as a sadness without an object -- Idora Park no longer has standing structures but is a plot of land that edges Mill Creek Park (see below).

5.2.2. Mill Creek Park, the city’s metropark and Ohio's first park, perpetuates community of nostalgia through its historic, iconic structures that are enjoyed and circulated by residents of predominantly white neighboring cities: Boardman and Canfield.

5.2.3. Stambaugh Auditorium

5.3. recent events / people / discourse engaging in Rust Belt rhetorics of nostalgia

5.3.1. Defend Youngstown is a community blog that shares news across its website, Twitter, and Facebook to help create an "informed" and "invovled" public. This blog (seemingly ran by an individual) shares news on local development, education, government. and entertainment. The website is a child project of Youngstown Nation, that sells apparel promoting our "industrial heritage" and "50 things to do in Youngstown" -- Mill Creek Park is #1 on the list and serves as a god memory under the rhetoric of nostalgia model.

5.3.2. GM Lordstown Chevy Cruze assembly plant closes March 2019 and is slated to cost Youngstown economy $1.6 billion / 9.4 percent of the gross regional product. (WKBN: Loss of GM Lordstown will impact virtually every sector of Youngstown economy).

5.3.3. In response to GM plant's closing, kids from Lordstown Local School District wrote letters to GM CEO. Under a rhetoric of nostalgia model, Youngstown defenders position GM as the nostalgia crux. (CNN: Read the heartbreaking letters kids wrote to GM to save their town's auto plant)

6. research questions

6.1. 1. How might rhetorics of nostalgia circulating in Youngstown, Ohio be moored in real and perceived longings? Specifically, what dominant nostalgia and neostalgia is felt toward the city's two historic places of leisure: Idora Park and Mill Creek Park?

6.2. 2. How might rhetorics of nostalgia in Youngstown bridge progressive and conservative traditions? Working-class and middle-class aims?

7. Rust Belt

8. critical regionalism