Office Data Storage


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Office Data Storage by Mind Map: Office Data Storage

1. Onboard Recording of Data

1.1. ECDIS

1.1.1. GPS Position Speed over Ground

1.1.2. Rudder angle

1.1.3. Wind Speed Direction

1.1.4. Gyrocompass

1.1.5. Echosounder

1.1.6. Speedlog

1.2. Propeller Shaft Torque Meter

1.2.1. RPM

1.2.2. Torque

1.2.3. Power

1.3. ME Flowmeter

1.4. Aux Engines Flowmeter

1.5. Aux Boiler No1 Flowmeter

1.6. Aux Boiler No2 Flowmeter

1.7. Composite Boiler Flowmeter

1.8. Alarm Monitoring (ECR)

1.9. Cargo Control Room

1.9.1. COPT Usage RPM Discharge Pressure

1.9.2. Steam Power plant Records

1.9.3. Cargo Radar Data

2. Office processing

2.1. Merge Data from DANAOS

2.1.1. Summarizing Data 24Hrs Since last Departure - E Noon Ballast Distance in Miles_GPS ME Average RPM ME Revolutions 24hrs Average Consuption ME Consumption Aux Engine Consumption Aux Boiler Consumption Time since last report Drafts Average ME Power Ladden SAME as ballast

2.1.2. Sum Data Voyage Leg (Departure & Arrival) while Sailing! Ballast Leg Same format as Ballast & Ladden for the duration Ladden Leg Same format as above

2.1.3. Sum Data Idle or Port (Arrival & Departure) while located at same port/anchorage Discharging at Port Idle at anchorage Loading at Port

2.2. Visual Position MAP

2.2.1. Vessel Past 15 days Current Voyage Last Voyage Historical (User time interval)

2.3. Performance Processing

2.3.1. Speed drop observations over time Δ(Speedlog - Model Speed) Over time

2.3.2. Propeller Condition Coefficient

2.3.3. Hull Coefficient

2.3.4. Speedlog Speed / Power

2.3.5. Speedlog Speed / Thrust - Torque

2.3.6. Cargo Discharging Performance (ABS Map)

3. Danaos Vessel Reporting System