Technology Effects

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Technology Effects by Mind Map: Technology Effects

1. Music

1.1. Generate more sounds than before

1.1.1. Are these sounds still as personal as music if made by a computer?

1.2. Change in sharing of music

1.2.1. Generated a postivie environment of sharing music

1.2.2. Generated personal relationships through accessibility while many others are limiting it

2. Internet Culture

2.1. accessibility of many ages

2.1.1. adolescene

2.1.2. teenager more formative years

2.2. Create network among many people

2.2.1. Idolized relationship with celeberties

2.2.2. psychological relationship with celebs

2.3. Used as an abuse of free speech

2.3.1. Free speech that negatively impacts one person

2.3.2. Targeted free speech but no kind of honest regulation

2.4. Troll & meme culture

2.4.1. Funny but also pries on our psychological sadness

2.4.2. Lots of memes are really about dark humor

2.4.3. Also speaks to tv culture

2.5. What is our generation branded by

2.5.1. Dark humor and meme culture?

2.5.2. Technology has made us narcissists?

2.5.3. Gratification is at your fingertips at all times, are we even really thankful?

2.6. Self and body image effects

2.6.1. Refer to development section

2.7. Influence on interpersonal relationships

2.7.1. Refer to development section

3. Art

3.1. Virtual Reality

3.1.1. How does VR change how we perceive things?

3.1.2. Effects of long term use of VR

3.2. Preserving antiques

3.2.1. Impact of technology in keeping things alive

3.3. New methods to interact with art

3.3.1. Changes in mediums such as VR, what kind of art do we like?

3.3.2. Do these new methods change our brain?

3.4. New mediums of art

3.4.1. Innovative and creative ways of art

3.4.2. Much more beautiful things we get to experience

4. Business

4.1. Relying on addictive tech

4.1.1. Technology has given so many businesses a safety net

4.1.2. Made everyone so reliable on goods

4.1.3. Do we have any more skill as people when everything is done for us

4.2. Industry benefits

4.2.1. Reliability on consumers addiction to tech

5. Development

5.1. Lasting Impact on psyche

5.2. Changes in character development

5.2.1. Do personal traits change because of technology

5.2.2. Does access to specific platforms follow a pattern of character

5.2.3. Has Technology made us narcissists?

5.3. Physical/Chemical Imbalances/Changes

5.3.1. Any relationship to our satisfactory complex?

5.3.2. Are our gratification levels as people different?

5.4. Self and body image

5.4.1. Are we more confident humans or more insecure?

5.4.2. Does having access to public ruin our confidence in our psyche or boost it?

5.5. Changes in personal relationships

5.5.1. Do we lack more feeling because of the lack of physical connection due to technology?

6. Media

6.1. Television

6.1.1. Netflix and Dark Humor

6.1.2. Facilitates troll and meme culture

6.1.3. Simple as Wall-E, considers the laziness of life

6.1.4. How we consume television has changed giving them the power of what we are surrounded by as most popular

6.2. Social Media

6.2.1. Status Quo

6.2.2. Slef and body image issues

6.2.3. Freedom to trash anyone