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Me by Mind Map: Me

1. My Dad-Has a large web of contacts through work and his karate club. He can provide contacts because of this.

1.1. Courtney Pitcher-Dad's friend. Job opportunity for modelling and photography. She can act as a guide in the industry.

1.1.1. Modelling Agencies-A chance to get scouted by people who like my look, and further a career with these people.

2. My Mom-Has access to a diverse group of people through her work, people that can help with education and job opportunities.

2.1. My Grandma-Has a large group of friends who are able to provide contacts for work and educational purposes

3. Sydney Roberts-Friend. Can provide contacts in the legal world through her family connections.

3.1. Frank Roberts-Friend's dad. Can provide connections to EMT and RCMP.

4. Joelle Haug-Friend. Can help with connections to teachers and universities.

4.1. Julian Green-Teacher. Can provide links to other teachers, universities and institutions.

5. My other Grandma-Family. Has connections to a wide variety of people and can introduce me to them.

5.1. Her Friends-Friend of family. Can provide an even more diverse web of people and opportunities through people they know.

5.1.1. Karen (Bluesky Clothing)-Grandma's friend's daughter. Job opportunity.