Learning styles

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Learning styles by Mind Map: Learning styles

1. What it is all about?

1.1. Not everybody learn the same way

1.2. 3 main learning styles

2. 60% Visual - learning by seeing, writing things down and writing info from books by using diagram, pictures and maps.

2.1. Ideas of learning :

2.1.1. write down information

2.1.2. copy things from the board

2.1.3. maintaining eye contact by sitting in front where less visual distraction will occur

2.1.4. take down notes and use highlighter to emphasize it

2.1.5. use flashcards and other possible learning material to make study more efficient

3. 30% Auditory - learning by hearing lectures, music, having instruction given, discussions, debates

3.1. Ideas of learning :

3.1.1. record the lecture using available devices

3.1.2. speak or discuss with others regarding the lectures

3.1.3. repeat study material with eyes closed to avoid auditory distruction; can remember more distinctively

3.1.4. study at a quite place away from all noise distruction to focus more

4. 10% Kinaesthetic - minority in universities, participate in certain things, experiences learning process by field trips to understand concept

4.1. Ideas of learning :

4.1.1. by particiapting in games to learn

4.1.2. take frequent breaks between study period to avoid restlessness

4.1.3. be comfortable and at own pace while study, i.e : by lying on bed or lying on the floor