Body and mind

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Body and mind by Mind Map: Body and mind

1. The body parts

1.1. chest

1.2. wrist

1.3. sole

1.4. stomach

1.5. palm

1.6. calf

1.7. thumb

1.8. lip

1.9. eyebrow

1.10. eyelash

1.11. shin

1.12. chin

1.13. ankle

1.14. eyelid

1.15. fingernail

1.16. scalp

1.17. nostril

1.18. neck

2. Tenses

2.1. Past simple

2.1.1. Form v2 Be Was Eg. I was a nice person yesterday. I wasn't a nice person last week. Was the teacher kind to the group? Were Eg. You were the right person for this job. You weren't the right person for this job. Were you the right person for this job? Regular verbs I played with my dog yesterday. I didn't play with my dog yesterday. Did you play with my dog? Irregular verbs I ate ice cream last week. I didn't eat ice crem last week. Did you eat ice cream last week?

2.2. Present perfect

2.2.1. Present perfect continuous Subject Have been Has been

2.2.2. Present perfect simple Be Have Has

3. Public Health

3.1. Focus on high-fiber foods!

3.2. Eat lots of produce!

3.3. Go for whole grains!

3.4. Limit sugary foods and beverages and refined grains!

3.5. Limit highly processed foods!

3.6. Limit saturated fats!

3.7. Don‘t worry about dietary cholesterol!

3.8. Cut down on sodium!

3.9. Get enough calcium and vitamin D!