Andrea Smith

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Andrea Smith by Mind Map: Andrea Smith

1. Graves' Disease

1.1. Symptoms

1.1.1. Rare

1.1.2. Common

1.1.3. Red flag

1.1.4. Onset

1.1.5. Diagnosis

1.2. Treatment

1.2.1. Mechanism

1.2.2. Management

1.2.3. Side effects

1.2.4. Choosing a treatment Severity of symptoms

1.3. Genetics

1.3.1. Incidence/prevelance

1.3.2. Onset Environmental influence

1.3.3. Testing/screening

1.3.4. Counselling Advice

2. Psychological Impact

2.1. On the individual

2.1.1. Mental health/well-being

2.1.2. Anxiety Definition How does it affect people's lives? From ICD-10 Causes Mental health disorder Normal human response Symptom of a physical disorder Diagnosis Mental health assessment(s) Blood tests Treatment As a mental health issue As a symptom of Graves' disease

2.2. On her family/friends

3. Outline

3.1. Case history

3.2. Personal background

3.3. Other information

4. Internet Medicine

4.1. Self diagnosis

4.1.1. Reasons people do it

4.1.2. Consequences Misdiagnosis Effects on doctor-patient relationship Lack of trust

4.1.3. Typical user demographic

4.1.4. Strategies for dealing with the problem

4.2. Self medicating