Panther Group


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Panther Group by Mind Map: Panther Group

1. STEP 3: Specific Criteria

1.1. Reduce expenses

1.1.1. Using money for buying primary needs

1.1.2. Stop buy unused item

1.1.3. Considering buy something more cheaper

1.2. Increase spending awareness

1.2.1. learned about spending habits by only using cash

1.3. Create spending plan and budget

1.3.1. Have strong determination to start creating spending plan and budget

1.3.2. Set a saving goal

1.3.3. Monitor all the budget and expenses

2. STEP 4: Relative merits of our possible solutions.

2.1. Reduce expenses

2.1.1. Prioritize to buy something important or primary need

2.2. Advantages

2.2.1. The amount of money that we spend will decrease, we can save money and stop overspending

2.3. Disadvantages

2.3.1. We cannot buy anything that we want, cannot do unnecessary thing such as watching movie in cinema and going to theme park

3. STEP 2: What might be done to solve the problems?

3.1. Create a plan/reminder to pay off the debt

3.2. Overcome the "i deserve the treat" attitude

3.3. Creating a spending plan and budget

3.4. Identify expenses that can be reduced

3.5. Tracking daily expenses and adjust as necessary

3.6. Find a replacement for one large expense in the monthly budget

3.7. Doing a part-time job

3.8. Change the self talk in mind

3.9. Reduce expenses on fast food and unnecessary things

4. STEP 1: Present state, obstacles, goals

4.1. Financial problem among student

4.2. student do not have enough money to survive during campus life.

4.3. student have to borrow money from their friends

4.4. They were in confusion to differentiate between wants and needs.

5. STEP 5: How will we put our decision into effect

5.1. Creating Budget Plan

5.1.1. set a saving goal

5.1.2. determine the income

5.1.3. list all the expenses needed

5.1.4. calculate leftover amount of money

5.1.5. adjust variable expenses

5.1.6. plan spending

5.1.7. monitor the budget

5.1.8. make sure to spend money according to the budget that has been planned

5.1.9. provide a systematic budget report every month