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Alteplase by Mind Map: Alteplase

1. Brand names: Activase, Catholicism Activase

2. Class: thrombolyic drug (dissolves clots and reopens artery or veins

2.1. Indications: used to treat heart attacks, other sever conditions cause by blood clotting.

3. Route of administration

3.1. Intravenous

3.2. Intracatheter

3.3. Intracoronary injection

4. Dosage form

4.1. Powder for solution 50mg, 100mg

4.2. 2mg cathflo

5. Contraindications

5.1. Internal bleeding

5.2. Intracranial hemorrhage

5.3. Sever high blood pressure

5.4. Serious head trauma

6. Monitoring

6.1. Blood pressure

6.2. Hypersensitivity

6.3. Sudden loss of blood circulation

7. Drug-drug interactions

7.1. Abcixmab

7.2. Boldo

7.3. Cat’s claw (osteoarthritis)

8. Adverse effects

8.1. Abnormal heart beat

8.2. Gastrointestinal hemmorage

8.3. Sever life threatening allergic reaction

8.4. Build up of fluid in the lungs (pleural space)

9. Notes

9.1. Do not use diligents other than sterile water for injection without preservatives

9.2. Use reconstituted solution with 8 hours

9.3. Storage: refrigerate at 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Protect from excessive light during extended storage