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Personal Network by Mind Map: Personal Network

1. 2.Tara Day: Auntie. Runs Vernon's Family Mental Health Clinic and has many connections

2. 2.Erin Jones: Family Friend. Has many connections in the mental health industry which is where I want to be.

3. 2. Howard Fisher: Family Friend. Owns a large amount of amazon so he is a good connection.

4. 1. Danae Kelf: Bestfriend. She is emotional support.

5. 1. Ian Ellis: Father. He helps me create a positive self image.

6. 1. Kellen Graf: Boyfriend. He has a car and helps me with transportation. to and from jobs.

7. 1. Ron Smith: Grandfather. owns a law firm and can get me started in many feilds

8. 1. Bonnie Smith: Grandmother. helps me with paper work when necessary.

9. 3. Jocsyln Werner: Half Sister. Runs Craft brewer tours. Can get me a job at 19.

10. 3.Ira Jones: Half brother. In law school. Owns a house in Calgary and can give me a house to live in.

11. 3. Lily Werner: Family Friend. Student at UVIC. She can give me a place to stay while at school in Victoria.