Sports Management

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Sports Management by Mind Map: Sports Management

1. What is the day to day job like?

1.1. what would I be responsible for?

1.1.1. Source: interview

1.2. Does the job require long hours? Would I be able to watch the games?

2. how much does the job pay?

2.1. Will the hours I have to work be worth the pay?

2.1.1. Source: internet

2.2. what benefits would I get with the job?

3. How much education is required?

3.1. Is a specific degree required?

3.1.1. Source: ACC Library

3.2. Would I have to have in internship?

4. what would my lifestyle be like?

4.1. would I have to move?

4.1.1. Source: Interview/ACC Library

4.2. would I have any free time? what would I do when the season is over?