All about me: Mark Bentley

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All about me: Mark Bentley by Mind Map: All about me: Mark Bentley

1. Education

1.1. Bachelor's in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley

1.1.1. I have a strong passion for the economics field and my learning experience has been life-altering to say the least.

1.2. Currently a dual Degree MBA/MS in Applied Economics candidate at JHU

1.2.1. It isn't easy, but well worth it!

2. Travel Experience

2.1. 6 Months in Thailand

2.1.1. The cost of living is ideal but the food is even better! I lost my wallet once and someone went through a great deal of trouble tracking me down! I was (and still am) very grateful.

2.2. 2 Years in Japan

2.2.1. I was mostly near the Tokyo area, but what I loved most was being able to get to practically anywhere in the country via train. I never needed a car and I was really fit from all the walking I did.

2.3. 2 Months in Mexico

2.3.1. I visited relatives and extended family that I hadn't seen in many years and I'm really glad I made the memories that I did.

2.4. 1 month in Australia

2.4.1. The food quality is superb. The cost of living certainly isn't cheap, but I had an amazing time and it was well worth it!

3. Entrepreneurship

3.1. Owned a small café from 2008-2011

3.2. Trade financial derivatives/futures contracts and ETFs since 2009

4. Interesting Facts

4.1. I love to ride motorcycles!

4.2. Climbed Mt. Fuji (Japan) in 15 hours

4.3. Have 6 years of sales experience, but currently study full time