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CWF 11 day 2 by Mind Map: CWF 11 day 2
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CWF 11 day 2

Scott Belsky

Author "Making ideas happen"

Execution of ideas

Most ideas do not happen

New idea = energy boost

After, comes execution, Project plateau, Lower energy, So we start a new idea, We never push ideas to the end


Gravitational force of operations, Back to day-to-day routine, Project left aside

Not well organized enough, Personal, Network

Lack of leadership

Keys to implementation

Organization / execution, Cut endless stream of info, Always connected, SMS, Emails, ..., We react but we shld be proactive, Build safe spaces w/o stimulation, 2 to 3 hrs / day, Deep thinking, 2 to 3 things that are important (long term), Stay organized, Creativity x Organization = Impact, Example, Best organized supply chain?, Supply Chain Magazine, Annual award, Apple!, For several yrs in a row, Create yr own system, Tools, Routine, Ensures stickyness, Must be action-oriented, Identify, Culture of capturing actions, Clarifies who does what, Creates movement, Action steps (starts w/ verb), Increases accountability, Surround yrself with it, Backburner, Keep for later, Keep track, Review frequently, Select, Remove, Create actions, Prioritize, Must be visual, Class per energy level required, Not time, Finite availability of our energy, Target 75% of energy, New Node, Do, Delegate, Optimize system, Small increment, Tweaking, 1 change at a time, References

Communal forces, Need to mix to find good balance, The dreamer, Always excited, Always ahead if things, Thrilled by new ideas, The doer, Always sees reason for not doing new things, Happy when no new ideas, New Node, The incrementalism, Create too many things, Never scales, Too many projects in parallel, Share ownership of ideas, Enrich, Seek competition, Fight, Keep engagement, Do not target consensus, Identify secret extremes, 1 or 2 things that will make the project a success, Promote yr idea / product, Get noticed, Self marketing, Build followers, Share, Give

Leadership capability, Silence the visionary, Leaders talk last, Enables everybody to speak, Democracy!, Value the team's immune system, Doers are the immune system, They suppress ideas that wld, Get us off track, Makes us go over budget, Moderator, Develop feedback, Positive feedback, Tolerate failure, Gain confidence from doubt, Follow instinct, If everybody thinks you're crazy, You're crazy, Or... You're on to something

Patti Maes

MIT Pattie Maes -

Associate Professor in MIT's Program in Media, Arts and Sciences

Life centered on digital devices




Computers need to evolve

Gap, Physical world, Digital world

Access to info is difficult, Meeting ppl, Any email from that person?, Personal info?, Anything I was supposed to send her / do?, Buying in a shop and searching for info online, Get smartphone out, Get to website, Look up reference

Form factor has not changed

Design did not evolve

Same elements, Screen, Keyboard, OS

Same way to interact w/ technology

Reinventing form factor



Think out of the box

==> the 6th sense, Recognize what is in front of you, Projects info, Video from TED

==> siftables, Blocks, Tiny computer, Sense, Other blocks, Movement, Direct manipulation of data, ==> now sold as products, Hasbro as ScrabbleFlash, Sifteo

==> Luminar, Interactive surface underneath, Totally replaces computer

==> Sparsh, Use body as data storage, Touch info, Copied on finger, Next time you touch it pastes info, Actually uses the cloud to store info

Hannah McBain

Main challenges in organizations

Lure of status quo

Creativity only for certain ppl as per function

Overcoming challenges

Give a sense of direction, Understand customer if the future, Define biggest priorities, Specify end value, Tools, Scenario planning, Benefit mapping, Identify expected benefits, List enablers

Define what creative is, Values, Outcome

Create culture of permission

Jamie Anderson

Author "the fine art of success"

TEDx talk

Creativity is not enough




Lady Gaga

Early passion to become a superstar

Knew what to do to get there, Learnt piano, Played in small clubs

Started to learn on ppl that we're different, Only way to be distinguished, Changed her look, Changed her name, Started using social media to build followers

Industry saw its potential, As a brand, As a way to market products, Build community of fans, Creates intimacy with fans, Creates trust

Created the "house of gaga", Group of designers, To build brand, Different profiles

Understands our world, Social media, Twitter, YouTube, Pace & speed, No longer tight to industrial cycles if CDs, Digital = always change, renew, Human nature, Develop intimacy, Attention span vs length ov videos

Workaholic, Execution, Implementation

Garr Reynolds


Presentations existed before PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint

Not used the right way, Forces us focus on wrong thing, Templates


Look at the past

Tech has changed a lot

Humans did not, Impact of stories, Visuals, Using space, Empty spaces, Gives power, Contrast, Focal point, We notice, What's different, Movement


Ideas do not come from laptops - J Cleese

Go low tech

Start analog, Paper, Pen, ...

Stickyness, "Made to stick", SUCCESS, Simplicity, Unexpected, Concrete, Emotion, Story, Conflict, Change, Contrast, A to B

Exclusion, Enough, Not too simple!




Beginer's mind, Put expertise aside, Ok to make mistakes, Empathy