Josh,William,Johnathan Grendel Characters

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Josh,William,Johnathan Grendel Characters by Mind Map: Josh,William,Johnathan Grendel Characters

1. The Dragon

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. The Dragon's appearance is rough skinned with large wings and the ability to breath fire.

1.1.2. The dragon is huge and red-golden colored

1.2. Personality

1.2.1. The dragon is somewhat angrily stern in manner and an elder voice to Grendel's opinion. His Personality is very comparable to Grendel.

1.2.2. The dragon has a very dark and fatalistic view of the world.

1.2.3. The dragon is very selfish, greedy and spiteful.

1.3. Impact on Grendel

1.3.1. The dragon makes Grendel hate the Shaper and his song.

1.3.2. The dragon makes grendels view on the world a little darker.

1.3.3. Grendel almost uses his influence as another conscious in his decisions.

1.4. Motivations

1.4.1. The dragon has little motivation for anything to do with the world but to advise Grendel. In advising him, The Dragon makes Grendel's point of view towards the world like his.

1.4.2. The dragon has been through his experiences and is using them to influence Grendel.

1.5. Unusual/Amusing/Weird

1.5.1. Ominiscent All-Seeing. All-Knowing Knows all of the past Knows all of the Future

1.6. Internal Conflict

1.6.1. An internal conflict of the Dragon is having to guard the treasure he guards. Instead of guarding the treasure, he could be doing other things

1.7. External Conflict

1.7.1. His last battle with Beowulf

1.7.2. Being slain by any warrior, because he is the only dragon.

2. Unferth

2.1. Physical

2.1.1. Unferth is a very average man who isn't a weakling but his characteristics make him a lesser person than he wants to be.

2.2. Personality

2.2.1. Jealous,Clever,Ungrateful, Stubborn,Cowardly,and Dishonorable

2.3. Impact on Grendel

2.3.1. Grendel mocks Unferth's ideas of heroism therefore Grendel denies him a heroic identity

2.3.2. He tries to fight Grendel and he refuses therefore he feels pity for his demeanor because of his stubbornness and Feels superior to the infidelity of Unferth

2.4. Motivations

2.4.1. He wants to be a heroic person with no past troubles and prove his worthiness by fighting Grendel.

2.5. Unusual/Amusing/Weird

2.5.1. Grendel pityed him and took him back home

2.5.2. Unferth killed his brothers in shame to his name

2.5.3. Unferth got into an apple fight with Grendel

2.6. internal conflict

2.6.1. Proving himself to everyone else that he is heroic and he can take Grendel down.

2.7. External Conflict

2.7.1. Not being embarrassed by Grendel in his encounters with him.

3. Wealtheow

3.1. Physical

3.1.1. Wealtheow is a very attractive women who is nice and caring towards her husband Hrothgar. She is a woman who is young and dresses appropriately for being in a kings hall

3.2. Personality

3.2.1. Generous,Proper,Kind

3.3. Impact on Grendel

3.3.1. Made him feel like he could be loved

3.3.2. Made Grendel very curious

3.4. Motivations

3.4.1. Wealtheow is motivated to serve Hrothgar and fulfill her duty to him

3.5. Unusual/Amusing/Weird

3.5.1. She is the only person that Grendel cant understand

3.6. Internal Conflict

3.6.1. Her internal conflict is keeping sanity inside the mead hall of idiots, where it seems she doesn't belong.

3.7. External Conflict

3.7.1. Her external conflict is being confronted by Grendel and how she reacts to his actions on her.

4. Grendel

4.1. Physical

4.1.1. Grendel is a furry bearlike creature that is monster-like.

4.2. Personality

4.2.1. Jealous,Angry,Naive,Curious,Violent,Sad,Malicious

4.3. Impact on Grendel

4.3.1. His decisions are very emotional based and effect him in the long run by making a bad first impression on the Danes. For example, the decision to pick up the queen of the Danes an inspect her backfires on him destroying any chance of him being able to relate to humans

4.4. Motivations

4.4.1. He is motivated in his decisions to understand the world.

4.5. Unusual/Amusing/Weird

4.5.1. Grendel is weird compared to other people because he has no experience in interacting with people.

4.6. Internal Conflict

4.6.1. His internal conflict is the conquering himself and being able to restrain himself on his thoughts.

4.7. External Conflict

4.7.1. His problem is understanding the world and basing his decisions on logic instead of emotion.