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My Learning by Mind Map: My Learning


1.1. First Lesson! TNA = Training Needs Analysis

1.2. Why? To find out what you already now and what you may need some help with

1.3. When? From the 25 March to 5 April 2019

1.4. How? Ops Training will conduct a TNA using an online assessment tool that you can access from the comfort of your desk via an online assessment tool

1.5. Who? All staff will complete for their Line of Business. The brave may choose to do others as well

1.6. What will we use this for? To create targeted learning activities to address gaps and improve your knowledge and skills


2.1. Helping you to be the best version of you

2.2. Why? To provide feedback frequently enough for you to improve performance within a shift and for us to cheer the progress

2.3. How? TL's rotating around the team daily providing coaching.Coach in the moment; Recognize brilliance; Cheer the Progress!

2.4. When? immediate effect!

3. GROUP COACHING Teamwork makes the Dream Work

3.1. Why? Capitalize on huddles and team meetings as learning opportunities

3.2. What? Group Coaching to learn from your TL and from each other. Topics from learning board

3.3. How? TL's will be trained on how to conduct Group coaching which they will deliver to their teams

3.4. When? Starting 25 March and do to happen in at least 2 huddles per shift

3.5. Who? Your TL's

4. HELP WHEN I NEED IT - Raise your flag

4.1. Learning Boards

4.1.1. Why? So we now what help you need as others may be experiencing the same challenge. This way we all learn

4.1.2. What? Daily log of challenging queries

4.1.3. How? Flipchart at each pod. As you received a difficult query, Get up from your seat and write the call ID and query summary on the board. Then back to your seat and raise your flag for assistance. Your TL will go through all queries on the board in your next group coaching session or one on one

4.1.4. When? Starting Monday 18 March 2019

4.1.5. Who will be responsible for sharing the learning from the board? Your TL

4.2. Your Support

4.2.1. Visible Help -Neon Jackets for TL's and Floorwalkers

4.2.2. Help Us to Help you - Help me/ Congratulate me Flags. Raise the one that you need

4.2.3. Support Hotline - Online space to send your query for immediate online assistance

5. IN YOUR FACE - Learning made visible

5.1. Why? to encourage continuous learning

5.2. What? Visual representation of key concepts and learning stimuli. Daily knowledge and trivia

5.3. How? Posts on wall boards and TV screens around the contact center

5.4. When? 1 April 2019

5.5. Who? A site Communications champion will be appointed to collect and post the trivia and "Did you know" nuggets

5.6. Your Opportunity! Contribute towards the daily trivia by submitting riddles or queries to the Comms Champ

6. REMIND ME AGAIN? -Keeping your knowledge, skills and behaviors alive

6.1. Why? To refresh your knowledge and skills

6.2. What? Knowledge, performance and Behaviour Team Challenges

6.3. How? Kahoot challenges; Team vs Team competitions

6.4. When? 1 April 2019

7. I WANT TO KNOW - Self Learning

7.1. Why? Encouraging a culture of self directed learning, Lets keep the learning going and now its up to you

7.2. What? Creating a repository of learning materials that you can reference when you want to learn

7.3. How? Learning Portal where all content is loaded. ALL Staff can contribute and share their learning

7.4. Who? Training will facilitate the process but ultimately this is up to... YOU