Employer Engagement Plan

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Employer Engagement Plan by Mind Map: Employer Engagement Plan

1. Client Pool

1.1. Upskillers

1.1.1. Crea8e Need to understand what skills they can offer to employees

1.2. Temp/Mat/Seasonal

1.2.1. Christmas Staff

1.2.2. Festival Staff

1.3. Unemployed

1.3.1. Connected with Community Caseworker CV Interview Prep Contacting Employers

2. Employers

2.1. Current Recruitment Process

2.1.1. Agency Users Cost Timesclaes

2.1.2. Seasonal/Temp users

2.2. Establishing a New Recruitment Process

2.2.1. Providing Advisers with vacancy information

2.2.2. CV from our client pool

2.2.3. interview training

2.3. Understanding training process

2.3.1. External

2.3.2. Internal

3. Important things to consider

3.1. Communication to advisers

3.1.1. Database of possible candiates Caselink drop down option? Option of sorting all clients via job type, hours, skills Intranet How updated? Who will has access Email Needs to be unbiased

3.1.2. Understanding high demand roles Seeking employers with clients in mind

3.1.3. Feedback Understanding how to make the process better Best way to communicate Feedback from clients

3.2. Defining a target group

3.2.1. Employers

3.2.2. Clients

3.3. Marketing

3.3.1. Freebies USB's Diaries

3.3.2. Networking event Employers and employees

3.4. Employer Ambassadors

3.4.1. Employer Branding

3.5. Research

4. Engagment

4.1. Social Presence

4.1.1. Social Media Facebook Employer Engagement Page LinkdIn Instagram Promoting Service Case Studys

4.1.2. Attend Meetings and Open Days Presentations Contacts Understanding employers worries and concerns Job Fair Community Meetings PHT Forum Muirhouse Associates

4.2. Local Newspapers/Mgazines

4.2.1. NEN

4.3. Inital

4.3.1. Approaching Employers/First contact

4.3.2. Marketing

4.3.3. Employer Values Proposition

4.3.4. Barriers Work Demnds financial Barriers Timescales

4.4. Contiuous

4.4.1. Employer Support Right to withdraw Employment Law Resources

4.4.2. Communication

4.4.3. Length of engagement

4.5. Outreach

5. Evaluation

5.1. Employer Commitee

5.2. Evaluation Forms

5.2.1. Standardised?

5.2.2. Based on sector