Improving the Ex-Slaves Condition

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Improving the Ex-Slaves Condition by Mind Map: Improving the Ex-Slaves Condition

1. KKK

1.1. Negative

1.1.1. 20th century they burned crosses

1.1.2. Bombed black schools and churches

1.1.3. Violence against white and black activists in the South

2. Black Codes

2.1. Negative

2.1.1. Limit freedom of African Americans

2.1.2. Believed codes violated free labor

2.1.3. Codes were enacted in 1865

3. Amendments

3.1. 13th

3.1.1. Banned Slavery

3.2. 14th

3.2.1. Granted citizenship

3.2.2. Equal Protection for all citizens in America

4. Sharecropping

4.1. Agricultural Policy

4.1.1. Gave freedmen working opportunities

4.1.2. Was the first step to allow Autonomy for freedmen

4.1.3. Was quickly exploited