Sites of Writing and Writing Support at CSU, Chico

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Sites of Writing and Writing Support at CSU, Chico by Mind Map: Sites of Writing and Writing Support at CSU, Chico

1. Academic Programs

1.1. Vice Provost of Academic Programs Dr. Daniel Grassian

1.1.1. Four-Course "W" Requirement across 220 total courses 1 GE Area A2 Writing Course English Department Journalism Department 1 other W Course in GE 2 W courses in the Major Courses "in or specified by the department of the student's major" GWAR (Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement) Courses in the Major

1.1.2. Direct Oversight University Writing Committee Chair Dr. Chris Fosen

1.1.3. Affiliated Programs Office of Undergraduate Education Acting Dean Dr. Kate McCarthy GE Curriculum Advisory Board Chair Dr. Jason Nice ESL Resource Center Coordinator Dr. Saundra Wright Office of Faculty Development Director Dr. Josh Trout ISA Rebecca Wall Faculty Development Board

1.2. Curriculum Coordinator Nicol Gray

2. Student Affairs

2.1. Vice President for Student Affairs Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Milton Lang

2.1.1. Office of the Registrar Catalog Admin Specialist Holly Ferguson Degree Progress Report Assistant Registrar Charlene Armitage

2.1.2. Office of Admissions Director Kim Guanzon

2.1.3. Academic Advising Programs Assistant VP of Advising Kaitlin Baumgartner Lee

2.1.4. Educational Opportunity Program Director Cecilia Santillán-Robles EOP Summer Bridge Student Learning Center Writing Center

3. CSU-Wide Initiatives

3.1. GI 2025

3.2. EO 1110

3.3. EO 1071

3.4. EO 665?